I’ve been less spacy today than I expected. And my re-packing was just a shirt swap and putting my toothbrush in my purse. Dishes and laundry are done. I was going to change the sheets but as the cat sleeps in my bed, I’ll just do that when I get home. No matter how late or tired I am. Which I’m sure will be quite true and I’ll be kicking myself. C’est la vie.

The cat sitter just stopped by and will be back later. My service has been great all the time I’ve used it, but I fret. Because things change. So the cat will be spoiled and fed and hopefully miss me just a bit.

I had debated about working the morning today, but yesterday was tough enough. Vacation brain and WORKY work are not mixy things. Less stress this way. Save my re-thinking all the things I’ve packed.

I’m so freakin’ excited for this trip, but I’m trying to temper my expectations. Don’t want another San Francisco. Although that was completely solo, this is tour group, and my head space then was not so great. Much better this time around. Yay for new work position and therapy. Now if I could just get my writing in gear.

I’ve opted for the iPad vs. the laptop. If I manage to take 3K+ photos, I’ve always got my phone and said iPad for backup. If the wifi gods are kind, you might be hearing from me sooner than you think. If not here, then Twitter and/or Tumblr. Must have some internets. Yes, precious.

Oh, and the action figure joining me on my journey is non-Lego Loki. We shall see if he smiles kindly upon me for this or decides to make things really interesting.

And my hair is the right shade of red again, I’m wearing a Doctor Who shirt, wearing a Doctor Who hoodie, and using my skull toile purse. This is how I roll, folks.

Now to see if one of my Daria, Sleepy Hollow, or original fic ideas decide to take hold during travel.

See you on the flip side.


>>The Boston Layover>>

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