Day 1, The Arrival

I’m here at long last. The flight was fairly uneventful and on time per the two hour delay, and I managed to doze a bit. Although my seat mate kept sleep crowding me. It is what it is.

There were eight of us from the group on my flight, so we had company in our exile. Met up with the rest of our group after breakfast at Cafe Loki in Reykjavik. Seriously. Not making that up. Then a quick gawk at the gorgeous cathedral across the street (pics on fancy camera, so you’ll have to wait), then on the bus to Borgarnes and Hotel Hamar for the next two nights.

My room is simple but clean with The Best Shower Ever and heated floors. I know!

The weather has been sunny with blue skies and scattered clouds. But holy nippiness. Brisk is not an exaggeration. Made more so by my warm gear stashed in my luggage. That has been remedied.

This afternoon is hot springs, waterfalls, and the Reyholt Cultural Center. Then dinner and sleeping like a dead thing.

Iceland is a win all around, and that’s based on sleep deprived experiences. So clean here too. From the air to the land to the water.

I’m liking my group too. Of the twenty of us I’m the youngest by a long stretch. Which I like. I skew older mentally and relax easier.

Keep an eye on Tumblr for random pics.


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