Day 1, The Boston Layover

For a change getting out of PHL wasn’t the tricky part. Looks like BOS takes that honor this trip. Apparently an hour or so before my Philly flight landed, there was a fire a Logan International’s fuel farm. Still about an hour before my boarding. How the delay will affect it remains to be seen. It is what it is and I’ll get out of here. Eventually. Logan International is going on my airports to avoid list. Which Philly in all but perfect weather (e.g., today) would belong if Philly wasn’t where I lived.

In other news, my tolerance for crowds is low at the best of times. However, I tend to be more zen when other people aren’t. Does that make me a horrible person? Oh well. 🙂

Update on the fuel, flights seem to be happening again. I expect some delay. But yay flights leaving mean less people! Stay tuned.


>>Day 1, The Arrival>>

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