All My Bags Are Packed


Tomorrow’s the day I head off to Iceland. For. Three. Goddamned. Weeks. If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is. But I’ve got the time and the ability, so why the hell not?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit terrified. I’m a creature of habit and cling to my routine, and this is a huge break from that. Then again, i am the girl who packed up ten years ago (TEN YEARS!) and moved to Philly from Northern Michigan with an apartment and no job waiting for me. So three weeks in a country I fell in love with? NBD. Right? It’s not like I’m moving there. Yet.

In addition to taking three weeks off from work, I’m leaving my cat for that time. She’ll have a sitter stopping in every day to feed and spoil her like I get every time I go away for more than a long weekend. So she’ll be fine. I will, too. Hopefully she doesn’t hate me for too long when I get back.

Originally Steph was going to take her on for that time, which was super generous, but between the three kids and cat and rabbits and bunnies and a house over 400 SF… Okay, in the end, it’s less about the cat’s trauma than mine. Getting her in her carrier and up to the ‘burbs, then leaving her in a strange place with people she sort of knows? Yeah, I couldn’t do that to either of us. And maybe, just maybe, I was a little afraid she’d prefer living there.

Fear always plays a big role. Fear that I’m taking too much time off and that will count against me down the road, or that the cat will hate me for the next decade or so we have together, or that any number of crazy things will happen while I’m gone. I overthink shit way too much.

But you know what? Once I head to the airport tomorrow, those fears will start to die down. And once I hit Iceland again and realize that fuck, yes, this planning paid off and I’m really there again and I’ll breathe a bit easier. Work will still be there. My cat will be fine. My bills are paid up. And I’m going to have a fucking amazing time.

I just need to get there.

Stayed tuned. I have a larger memory card for my camera, and I’m taking my laptop. There will be many, many pictures and regular blog posts. Because I am not doing three weeks worth of pics and posts when I get back. I’d never get through it all. The ten days of pictures last time nearly killed me.

Any bets on how well I sleep tonight? Ha.

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