An Iceland State of Mind

Or should that be An Icelandic State of Mind. Not entirely sure.

I can honestly say that in the year and some change since my trip to Iceland that a day rarely goes by where it isn’t in my thoughts. This is, of course, helped by the fact that Reykjavik is in my temperature queue, and that I like to check up on the Iceland webcams from time to time.

Anyhow, every few weeks or so I poke at different trips, trying to figure out where I’m going next. I’ve looked into Patagonia and Easter Island and even Antarctica and Scandinavia, but I always circle back to Iceland. I’ve thought of New Zealand, but Steph would kill me if I went without her. I’ve considered Germany and Poland, Scotland, Ireland, but meh. Iceland. Always back to Iceland. So, that’s where I’m heading, likely late July or sometime in August of this year if all works out.

My first tour took in a bit of the south, most of the west coast (minus the Westfjords), and a fair portion of the north. One of the trips I’m looking at this time has more of the south and part of the interior included, but also has the other key parts to (I have to see Asbyrgi again, HAVE to). I’m also looking to tack on a brief jaunt to the east coast and/or possibly the Westfjords. We’ll see. So stay tuned.

If my coat weren’t so fantastic, I’d replace it so I don’t look the same in all the pictures. But a different hat and pants will help. Plus, maybe it might be warm enough to lose the coat and hat on occasion. Who knows.

And yes, if it were possible, I think I would move to Iceland. It says a lot about a place that perpetual winter and long, dark winters don’t deter me.

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