Epic Iceland 2015, Day 20 – Monday, August 10th

Day 20 pics here.

And now the trip guilt starts to set in. It’s not the money factor. I’m always going to be paying for something. Better it be something I enjoy like an epic trip than the failed grad school experiment. No, it comes down to the time away from my job and my cat and the real world. What right do I have to take so much time off work for something fun? One takes weeks off work for surgery or pregnancy or health or family issues. You don’t take weeks off for something fun. And there’s something really wrong with that kind of thinking. If you have the time and can take the time and can pretty much afford to take the time, why shouldn’t you? Why should I feel guilty. We should do it and enjoy every damn moment because life, well, life can be very much not fun a lot of the time. Take your joy how you can, when you can, and SAVOR it.

Enough deep thoughts. Breakfast, then more exploring. I see blue sky and sun.


Took a walk around Tjornin, the city pond, and parliament, then started buying souvenir. Now I’m back to regroup, unload, and head out again.


Back again. Lots of neat shops. [ART, you shall not tempt me!] Found something for everyone I wanted to. Now, it’s all me.

Lunch was ad Nudluskalin where I had Noodles in a Fen at level three heat level (“hot”). So god. Would definitely get it without chicken/meat next time. Followed it up with cappuccino and blueberry gelato from BadaBing. Food, so good. OMG.


Super exciting rest of the day. Knitting. Reading. Just how I like it. 🙂


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