Epic Iceland 2015, Day 21 – Tuesday, August 11th

Day 21 pics here.

Yup. I’m done. Ready for my own bed, my cat, possibly the real world. Gorgeous day, so I’ve gone out wandering a few times. But I’ve hit peak people. One more day.

Still haven’t gotten my Viking portrait yet. It’s just around the corner from my current hotel. Probably even closer than work is to my condo.

Speaking of work, I very nearly checked my work email. Nope. Not doing it. Paid my bills instead. Not the credit card I have with me–that’s with the other set of bills (mortgage, condo fee, loan).

Going to hole up until dinnertime, then go out and grab the T-shirts I have my eye on. Fewer people out means I’m less likely to feel overwhelmed and aggravated. Bright green jacket, seriously, I don’t blend in with anything, yet it’s like people don’t see me. I want flight NOT invisibility for my superpower, thanks.


Forgot, on one of my wanders I went to The Settlement Exhibition and Settlement Sagas. Very cool with some unique interactive displays.

Otherwise, I just read and lazed about.


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