Epic Iceland 2015, Day 22 – Wednesday, August 12th

Nothing much today. Ventured out in the rain for a bit, had lunch at the noodle place, bought some things, came back, vegged.

Catch the bus/transport thing tomorrow at 7 am, which should get me to the airport a bit after 8 am. Flight leaves at 10:30 am and gets into Boston around noon (yay, time zones!). A few hours in Boston [BOO], then in Philly (in theory) by 5:30 pm. Then cab home and I get to see what state my condo is in and how much the cat hates me (if she remembers me).

It’s crazy. I can’t say the trip flew by, but looking back it’s a bit, damn, that went fast. It was good, and I’m probably as relaxed as I’m ever going to get. Might make it to lunch on Monday before I start swearing like a sailor again. 🙂

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