Epic Iceland 2015, Day 5 – Sunday, July 26th

Day 5 photos can be found here.

I managed to get about 75-80% of my pictures uploaded overnight. The internet crapped out on me, otherwise I’d be continuing to upload and starting labeling those already uploaded.

Crazy, crazy, crazy dreams last night. Vivid and complicated as well. People/children were disappearing/getting transformed/trapped in another dimension. Bits of work and work people mixed in with soap operas, X-Men, Dexter. I don’t even know.

Clothes finally dried, thank you heater! The shower was awesome. Although I become all elbows in stall showers.

I was first to breakfast right at 7 am. Everyone else wandered in around 7:30. Again, we aren’t leaving until 9 am, so I could’ve slept in. But it’s probably best to wake up at a regular, early time.

My room is no longer an ice box. Between the heater (last night) and morning sun with the window cracked, it’s just about perfect. This would have been a nice hotel to spend more than one night in. The next hotel in Isafjordur is a two-night stay. That’ll be nice. Also a good time to do wash again. Stay on top and stay ahead.

I’m really starting to think coffee has no or the opposite effect on me it should. Had coffee with a shot of espresso, and I could curl up here in the sun and sleep. Oh, and that stuff I’ve been thinking is salami? It’s salami. Yay!


Another beautiful day. Upper 50s, mostly sunny. Only dipped my toes into the Pollurinn hot spring. Quiet and peaceful.


Talknafjordur, small village/town we passed through to/from the hot spring; only around since 1954 or so. Recently had color festival where each street is assigned a color and people decorate their homes accordingly. Some more so than others.


Quick stop in Bildudalur for restrooms and “picnic” food for lunch. Rolls, pack of cheese, and chocolate candy bar. Town has a sea monster museum. Cemetery next to golf course.


Dynjandi falls for stop and lunch. Tiered falls. Amazing. Wore way too many layers. Best falls in Iceland, I think.


Pancakes [actually waffles] and coffee at Hranfngeyri, birthplace of the first president of Iceland.


Tonight’s (and tomorrow’s) stay is at Hotel Horn in Isafjordur. Largish coastal town. Room basic but good. Another fantastic looking shower. Biggest feature: heated drying rack. Landry time. Dinner is vegetable soup, cod with spiced barley, and blue berry creme brulee.


I’m having a fantastic time. However, I’m thinking ahead and balking a bit at both the time here [three weeks!] and how much I’m doing right up through the end. That trip out east is feeling like it might be one trip too much. Hm.


Good news and bad news regarding the room. My wifi speed is really good and my pics are uploading like nobody’s business. Bad news, the sink is tiny and there is no plug (and I didn’t bother to bring one this time), meaning handwashing won’t be happening here. So much for being preemptive.


Dinner was good. I’m beginning to think I like cod. Had a beer as well, for a change–pilsner/lager: Viking Gylltur. Also, Gnarly Head Viognier (US winemaker) was on the menu. Crazy.

Tomorrow is a boat ride to Hesteyri for the day. Fingers crossed for the weather.


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