Epic Iceland 2015, Day 7 – Tuesday, July 28th

Day 7 pics here.

Last night’s dreams were convoluted and Xena themed (mix of modern day and Xena times). She and Gabrielle were ruling a kingdom, then Xena handed it over to her son Jason, and she and G took off for adventures again. Amnesia may have be involved at some point.

Today is only the second cloudy day I’ve woken up to. And the last one turned out pretty nice. So… And they need rain up here. There really have been too many gorgeous days in a row. I don’t mind. Also [the clouds] convince me I’m not dreaming this whole trip. 🙂 Although I dream of clouds. But you know what I mean.

And my right hand is sunburned. Not severe but noticeable. It’s going to be the best tall out of all of my skin this year.

Today we head south. Tomorrow back to Reykjavik, then a day, and then my next tour. Go, go, go. 🙂


I think the pear skyr at lunch yesterday won me over. Had skyr with granola, jam, sugar mixed in. Makes a nice break from [my usual fare] of bread and butter, salami and cheese, and coffee every morning (although I had that as well). The skyr [aka, Icelandic yogurt], minus all the bits, is better for me in the long run, I suppose.

Now I’m just killing time until we head out again.


Arctic Fox Museum in Sudavik very informative. Two stuffed specimens are the largest captured, one with three legs. Three colors: White, Beige, and Blue (which is really brown). Also little pup out back. Hunters killed its mother. Scampering about a bit like a cat. Name is Inge (sp?) (king).


Clouds breaking up. Sun peeking out. Definitely cooler, damp.


Stop at Litlibaer farmstead for waffles and coffee [much better waffles at this place]. Homemade whipped cream. Amazing jam–rhubarb and blueberry. Really wanted one of the sheep skins–brown/blond mix, long. Only 12.000 ISK (so $100?). If only my luggage were bigger. 🙂


Farm with dozens of cars. Home to eccentric who walks around and talks to them [according to guide].


Rest stop in Holmavik. Mozzarella sticks may have been a mistake. Served with salsa, not marinara. Deep fried and about what you’d expect from any middle of nowhere service/gas station. Have spent a lot of the ride nodding off.

Sat and knit by the harbor for a bit. Sun’s out, but chillier. Witchcraft and Sorcery isn’t worth it, according to guide. Also peeked in at small knitwear shop.


Hotel Edda in the middle of a lush, green valley is tonight’s accommodation. Gorgeous. No wifi. No sink plug, but this time I improvised. Took the plastic trashbag out of the room trash, put it in the sink, and filled it up. Now I’m all caught up again.

I also have a room with afternoon sun. Bit too warm, and all the flies are hanging around my window, which is open and a few have gotten in. *shrug* I’ll deal.

Now the laundry is done and drying, time to go explore some before dinner.


Saw Gudrun’s Pool (hot spring), may take a dip later. Also turns out there is wifi. Weak, but something, sort of. Hm.


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