Epic Iceland 2015, Day 9 – Thursday, July 30th

Day 9 pics here.

Woke up to my usual alarm but decided I deserved a lie in. Which was good (yay, lazy!) and bad (dreams). Dreams were rife with work and colleagues, the usual crazy stuff my brain concocts, and my mom anxious because ISIS bombed chemical factories in North Philly [yeah, wtf, brain?] about which I was rather nonplussed; oh, and either people laying down in the road and getting run over by cars as art, protest, and/or possibly just getting run over.

Finally got up about 8:30 and blinded myself when I opened the blackout curtains (these ones really worked). Another great weather day, mostly cloudy with good sun, and temps in the upper 50s. Good wandering weather.

Oh! The shower. No bumped elbows but a fairly we floor due to only a partial wall, no curtain, and my sleep addled brain that took way too long to figure out how to switch from faucet to showerhead (just needed to turn the knob the other way–too easy). The water pressure, however, was fanfuckingtastic. My back is very happy.


Hit the Icelandic Phallological (aka Penis) Museum. Dick really are the weirdest damn things. Of course I picked up a couple souvenirs.

Had a bit of a wander, then found the Eymundsson bookshop/cafe. Thanks to some kind of Java plugin I can’t get my phone connected to it. But I did find the Reykjavik guest wifi, which seems to be insanely fast. Wasn’t going to upload my photos here, but, um, yeah. 🙂

Trying to hold off on buying souvenirs until I get back to Reykjavik. Should probably make a list of what I want to get where.


Lunch at the Celtic Cross. Mexican Soup and Volcanic Cyder (mango flavored). The cider is refreshing. The soup is in a breadbowl, mainly onions and bell peppers, bit sweet. Massive. Like the waitress said, I will not go hungry. Ali, the mini doberman, keeps trying to charm me out of my food. Good choice.


Walk back not bad. Bit cloudier, still good temps. The Mink Viking Portrait place was right across from where I had lunch. Seemed locked up. I’ll call and inquire when I get back to the city.

Stopped by Hofdi, where Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1986. Snapped a couple of photos of Natasha and Loki there, attempting to shake hands and not get blown over by a light breeze.


Did my laundry and made significant headway in Human Remains [EPIC Mystrade fanfic]. I’m thinking I should’ve done my clothes much earlier. But I think they’ll be mostly dry by morning. The heated rack in the bathroom isn’t half as good as others I’ve used, or a plain ol’ heater for that matter. Swapped things around so the mostly dry items are in the bathroom and vise versa.

Meeting the next group at 8:45 in the lobby. The tour is in English and Dutch. The literature still indicates a small group, so…

And the tour agent rearranged my end of trip. All Reykjavik, no east coast. Which is for the best. Yeah, I lost some money there, but I didn’t have to pay more either. [It’ll all comes out in the wash, right?]


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