Epic Iceland 2015, Day 4 – Saturday, July 25th

Day 4 photos can be found here.

Clothes still damp. 🙁 Also need to let them soak a bit more before agitating / scrubbing and rinsing. Lord knows I’ve got enough time to become a pro at this. AT least I can put that “free” bag from the travel company to good use by putting all the super damp stuff in there. The only items mostly dry are my pants and long-sleeved shirt (poly and poly/nylon blends, so no great shock there). Anything with cotton is always going to stay damp longer. A bit surprised the socks (wool mostly) aren’t dry or mostly there. Maybe I didn’t wring them out well enough.

I think 7:30 has finally rolled around. Time for breakfast.


Looks like we’re all fairly early risers. Everyone but guide showed up to breakfast just before or right after I did. Usual fare for breakfast. Went for a bit of a hike after, but between the sun in my eyes and the bugs, I turned back pretty quick. Got a bit waylaid by the path leading to/behind the hotel, but eventually found a way down. And here I am. Still about a half hour left to head out. Goal for today: I’d like to see at least one puffin, just to say I did. Which means I’ll see none or a ton.


Heading northwest. Rolling mountains, winding roads. Passed cairns and cairn man (didn’t get a pictures, despite being stopped there; built in 1947 for some own reason [guide says Icelanders did/do stuff like that for their own reasons a lot of the time and no explanation to the rest of us]). Stopped at beached Norwegian ship. Next up Raudisandur (Red Sand Beach). Look up story of murderers who kill their spouses (farm remains nearby). Descended steep, switch-back gravel road on way to beach.


Stop at small church in a box [that’s how the guide referred to it]. Closed up for funeral later. Graves dating back to 1790s (birth) right up to more recent deaths.


Hnjotur folk museum interesting. Not unlike the last one I visited on my previous trip. Watched video in Icelandic on a ship rescue at Latrabjarg. Lunch was soup of the day (tomato [not mystery]; good). I like soup for lunch. Got hooked on it the previous trip. Will likely keep it up when I get back. Now more washboard (thvorabretti?) roads to the cliffs at Latrabjarg.

The Roads remind me of the Top Gear Bolivia Special, except less traffic and so far sane and courteous drivers.


The puffins were worth seeing. Once. Also, the sight, sounds, and smell are quite unique. Definitely got some exercise today. Now heading to Patreksfjordur for the night. I may dream of bumpy roads.


Had the sleepies in the van, unsurprisingly–late afternoon vehicle rides knock me out without fail. Tonight’s stay is in Fosshotel Westfjords. Pretty swanky. Internet seems more reliable. Will give the photos another go at uploading. Clothes are still really damp, so I have them on the heater. Not that it’s cold, but my room has a chill and I’d like those clothes dryish by morning.

Dinner tonight is cream of seafood, lamp, and mousse. Stay tuned.


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