A Sigh on the Wind

Serving as part-time coroner for the quiet town of Road Narrows, Dr. Landa Carson believes her trip to the countryside to check out a dead hunter will be as uneventful as the rest of her day. It is…until Landa catches a sigh on the wind and discovers the remains of a young woman buried beneath and ancient oak tree. One body leads to another and more…

Landa has overheard the thoughts of the dead since childhood and has learned one thing: the dead have no insight to offer the living. An unfortunate fact since the dead girls haunt Landa’s dreams.

Driven to find the killer and give the victims (and herself) some peace, Landa soon learns that the safety of small town life is no more than an illusion and that the people you love can be the most dangerous.

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ASIN: B06XF58Z4V (ebook)

ISBN: 9781520768601 (paperback)