Day 7

Day 7 Photos


Kicked off the day with a stop near a farm at the foot of Eyjafallajokull. Yeah, the one that threw off travel for weeks back in 2010. I wished there was a book about the farm and family’s experience, but only the DVD of the video we watched was available.

Next up was Skogafoss (waterfall), the nearby folk museum started when this now 92 year old man started collecting various items at age 14. The place was a bit like the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Got to meet said founder and really hope I’m that spry at 62, let alone 92. Neat place, and if he comes to Iceland my cousin Tyler needs to make this place a must see.

After the cheapest and better lunches of the trip at the museum, we trekked out to Solheimajokull glacier. I have seen and stood on glacier, under which lies the volcano Katla, 95 years overdue for an eruption. Absolutely gorgeous, but depressing once you get a sense of scale for how fast these glaciers are retreating and melting.

The wool outlet near Vik was okay, but their yarn selection didn’t call to me. It’s the kind of scratchy most people associate with wool.

Second to last stop was at the black sandy beach of Reynisfjara with hexagonal rock formations, basalt caves, and sheep defying gravity on the steep slopes.

Last stop was another waterfall at Seljanlandsfoss. Beautiful, yeah, but we’re all a bit waterfalled out. Even if you could go behind it.

Tomorrow is back to Reykjavik and our last two days in Iceland. 🙁


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