Epic Iceland 2015, Day 6 – Monday, July 27th

Day 6 photos here.

The dreams. Not as crazy and convoluted as the previous night, but centered around work. Juggling last minute proposals before I left for my trip, but realizing I had less time before leaving than I thought. In Charlevoix, not Philly. Ran over to Head Shop for haircut. Then woke up. Brain, just stop.

I’m also thinking cutting off the eastern jaunt at the end of my trip is the right way to go. Will send off an email to the travel agent before I head out for the day.

It looks like another sunny day. Iceland, you’re freaking me out here. 🙂


Boat ride to Hesteyri mostly uneventful, save for the whale nearby. I just saw the flume and a shiny bit of something. Still, can mark that off the list.


There is barely a cloud in the sky. Light breeze, but comfortable. Too many layers on. Better than too few.

Currently down at the remains of the old whaling station where after nearly six days of photos, my Eneloop Pro AA batteries finally died. And I have not been skimping on the photos at all. So, good buy there. We’ll see how they do after recharge.

I can’t get over the weather. Seriously.  We don’t get this much sun for this long of a stretch in Philly. I could live with temps like this. The weather right now is very much the exception to the rule.


Great day. Our ferry/boat back left without us, even though they arrived early. Got to see a cruise ship excursion come ashore–not typical for this area. Apparently Greenland is mostly blocked in by ice, so this is an alternate. A hundred plus people at once is very not the norm. Also saw another whale or whales blow in the distance. Only downside besides the boat are the flies. Not bitey. Just many, so man and annoying. Nice weather has its disadvantages.


Well, the ride back was a bit rough. However, saw multiple while flumes and even a tail fluke. Now for something boring for dinner, like pizza.


Alrighty then. Seems like I managed to burn my right hand. That’s something different. 🙂


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