Among the Ruins

Calves burning, she kept climbing. Step after step, higher and higher. Breathless, she pushed on.

It had been so simple in the beginning. Get to the top and let nothing hold her back.

Bodies lay in her wake. Blood spattered, limbs missing, a few heads as well.

The summit was near. Just a bit farther.

She stepped on a loose piece of concrete. It wobbled. Her ankle turned. Pain flared.

One breath. Two. She gritted her teeth and chose a new path.

Moans sounded from below. Too close for comfort.

Almost there.

At last she reached the top of the rubble heap, deep down wishing she hadn’t.

Destruction spanned as far as she could see. And amidst the cumulus of debris the dead shambled, aimless, hungry.

Maybe it was time to stop running…to rest.