Shot Me Down

I’m falling before the sound registers. A quick double impact into my chest.

Thud. Thud.

Like a heartbeat.

The sky is so blue. I stare, lost for a moment…two. Then realization dawns.

You shot me. For real. And it hurts.


A shadow falls over me as you crouch at my side.

“It didn’t have to end like this, Allison,” you say. You almost…almost sound sorry.

I cough and taste the metallic tang of my own blood.

“Bullshit,” I manage to say in what could pass for my normal voice, no hint of encroaching death.

We’d chosen our sides long ago, long before we understood the consequences. One of us would have ended up here on our back, vision dimming, breathing growing ragged and ineffective. And because I could never bring myself to shoot first, I’m the one who gets to die.

My eyes grow too heavy and I let them fall closed.

I feel you lean over me, thinking I’m gone. But I’m not. Not yet. I have just enough strength left to–


You let out a startled cry and collapse.

I smile as my awareness fades. I was always going to take you down with me.